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ESL (Summer Programs)

Salman Bin Abdulaziz University is striving to ensure its students to be able to speak, write, comprehend English as a second language in order to fully absorb, practice and implement the knowledge and innovation being developed in the west. University management feels that English language barrier is the main impasse for the students in this process of transferring knowledge.
SAU follows its strategy to send students to take part in English language courses during their summer vacations from the leading institutions of the world. Last year, SAU sent various students to Dalhousie University Canada and the students who attended this course gave an outstanding feedback with the comments to further strengthen and augment the program. Here is the detail of institution to which SAU is in communication with to implement ESL program during 2014;

Sr.No University Name Program Duration Activities
1 Kaplan University USA 8 Weeks (July-August) USMLE preparation for medical students of SAU

-5 hours study in a day, 5 days a week

-Focus will be on academic English improvements 

-Vocabulary improvements

- Grammer Improvement
3 ASHLAND UNIVERSITY,    Ohio, USA 6-8 Weeks ESL Program
-2 hours daily English classes
-Cultural Visits daily in the evening
-Cultural visits on Saturdays and Sundays 
-Field trips to institutions
-One night homestay with an American Family
4  OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 8 weeks General English Language Course
-Cross-cultural competencies 
-Midwest/Ohio cultural studies
“Book Club”/One Book One Program
-Readings and discussions
5 INTO-Glasgow Caledonian University, UK  8 weeks General English Language Course Classs activities such as lecturing, role playing, simulation, vocabulary test, Weekly assessment test
6 ILSC Education Group, Vancouver, Canada 5 weeks ESL Program

-3 hours study in a day

-5 days a week working

-Focus on academic English improvements
-Vocabulary  and Grammer Improvement





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