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  • International Collaboration Program team visited College of Pharmacy 25-11-2013 to make presentations about the I.C Program, Visiting Scholar Program and ESL Program. This presentation focused on the procedures and activities of these programs. A large number of faculty and staff attended the session which ended with question and answer at the last. 
  • International Collaboration Program team will visit various colleges during the coming week to deliver presentations to students, faculty and management of these colleges (male) to update them about activities, procedures and performance of the program. This interaction is expected to prepare the colleges to go for international connectivity. Following is the schedule of visit;
  • Professor Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Alhammad Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs presided over a session of Deans held in Deanship of Library Affairs on 28/10/2013. Dr. Saad Nasser Aldwayan Dean of Library Affairs Deanship welcomed the Vice Rector and highlighted the purpose of this discussion session in his opening address. Mr.


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